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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

International Women's Month Interviews

It's March, and that means International Women's Day (or International Women's Month on my Smudge Animation blog).

If you don't want to wait for the interviews to be migrated over here, below are links to this year's interviews and information about Women working in the field of animation:

March 8
It's March, and that can mean only one thing: in honor of International Women's Day, I post interviews with women animators from across the wide spectrum of animated film. But there's a lot more going in the world of women in animation...


* * *

March 13
In the Fall of 2013, I met this vibrant young lady from Wisconsin through an e-mail that she sent to ASIFA/Central--inquiring about membership in our organization. With the core group of our members living in Michigan, she quickly became another one of our far-flung members. But Monica hasn't let distance separate her from being a part of the animation community. One of those rare individuals who immediately asks 'what can I do to help', Monica pounced on the chance to help make ASIFA a better organization--notably by volunteering to work on the recently relaunched ASIFA Magazine. During her interview, my expectations were immediately exceeded as I encountered someone with a wealth of experiences that you wouldn't expect to hear from someone so young. The interview only took thirty minutes, but before it was over, I was left wishing for more time to hear just one more story...

Kicking off 2015's interviews, it's a pleasure to introduce Monica Brujenes.


* * *

March 24
I'm going to do something a little different this year. Several times a year, I am contacted by young ladies who have seen these interviews, or the posts on my sister site: 'the Women of Animated Film', or have sat through one of my history of women in animation lectures. They usually ask me for information regarding a specific woman animator for a report they're writing for school or are working on their own historical 'women in animation' sites and ask where I get my info...