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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lovely: Girls of Animation Kickstarter project

Recently, six visual development artists working in the field of animation on such blockbuster films as the Lion King, Enchanted, Tangled, Frankenweeknie, Wreck-it Ralph, Paperman, and Frozen, have started their own Kickstarter project for an art book that would showcase their personal work. Claire Keane, Lorelay Bove, Victoria Ying, Helen Mingjue Chen, Brittney Lee, and Lisa Keene have pooled their considerable talents to create "Lovely", a companion book for an art show of their work that will premiere in Paris the summer of 2014.

As of this post, fourteen days into their campaign, their project has already met it's modest goal of $7000 by raising a whopping $63,993! With another fifteen days left, these women of animation are working towards their stretch goals which provide more value-add items to people who pledge funds to help bring this project to life.

For a modest $25 pledge, backers will receive a lovingly rendered 8"x10", hardbound, and full-color artbook filled with original artwork created by women in animation. However, there are currently nineteen levels of pledge support that provide more rewards for those who would like to contribute more to this project.

I encourage everyone to view the video above, if you haven't already, and then visit their Kickstarter campaign page for samples of their artwork. If it strikes a chord with you, as it has with me, please consider making a pledge and support these talented women in animation.

Images and videos used in this post are copyright the original holders and used with permission to promote their Kickstarter campaign.