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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bee and Puppycat series premiere on November 6th

Only two more days until the series premiere of "Bee and Puppycat", created by Natasha Allegri. I'll admit, much like "Bravest Warriors", when I first watched the show, I didn't get it. Liked the wit and the character designs, but just didn't get it.

And then I heard Natasha talk about her show at the Toronto Animated Arts Festival International, what it was like to be a show creator, how the Kickstarter campaign surpassed all expectations, and now she's got a series... and I still didn't get it. Eh, had the same problem with "Bravest Warriors" when it came out. So I watched the pilot ten more times.

I still don't get the show, but it really grows on you and, much like the phrase "I am Catbug", I started hearing "you took too long, now your candy's gone... that's what happened" every time I'm standing in the checkout line at the supermarket. So now I'm looking forward to the "Bee and Puppycat" series premiere on Thursday, November 6th at Frederator Studios' Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel.

Now if I can only stop binge watching the previous seasons of "Bravest Warriors" looking for Catbug...

If you haven't seen the pilot yet, watch it below before Thursday!