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Monday, November 24, 2014

Joanna Quinn named 2013 ASIFA Laureate Recipient

Congratulations to Joanna Quinn for being the 2013 ASIFA Laureate Recipient.

Nancy Denny-Phelps, Joanna Quinn
and Barry Purvis (r to l).
From the ASIFA International webpage:

"Each year ASIFA honours a person who has made a significant contribution to animation over an extended period of time."

According to ASIFA International President Ed Desroches, the award for the previous year is usually presented to the recipient at the Annecy Animation Festival in June, however, this year it was presented at the 2014 Bradford Animation Festival in the United Kingdom. Very appropriate as this particular year, one that saw the posthumous 100th birthday of the U.K.'s Joy Batchelor, the BAF had performed a short poll about the changing expectations on women in animation/gaming. You can see the results in the article "Who leads the way for the modern, adventurous and intelligent animated female characters?" on their website.

You can read more about Joanna's career and the award on the ASIFA International website in an article written by Nancy Denny-Phelps at the following link.

Joanna's website is located at Beryl Productions International Ltd and contains more about Joanna, her husband Les Mills, and their films. Worthy of note is the series of online interviews and articles about Joanna under the "Publications & Press" link. Great information for researchers! ;)

* photo from the ASIFA website.