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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Animated News: Audio Interviews with Lotte Reiniger and Rebecca Sugar

Lotte Reiniger
Here's something to file under the heading 'really cool news'.

On November 30th, 2013, C. Edwards posted an article on Cartoon Brew under the title "Listen to Lotte Reiniger and Rebecca Sugar Discuss Animation".

Basically, he wrote a short article that links to a pair of separate interviews recorded by two notable woman animators almost thirty-four years apart.

The first is an interview by Lotte Reiniger recorded back in 1979 and made available on the USC School of Cinematic Arts website.

The second was a recent interview with Rebecca Sugar on NPR's radio program 'On Point' where she discusses her show Steven Universe and her career. Something really cool was listening to the advice Rebecca dispenses for women who want to become animators--be it an 8 year-old or a High School senior.

If you have the chance, definitely read the summary info that Edwards has posted in his article, it makes a great entry point to the audio interviews.