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Monday, December 16, 2013

Animated News: Christy Hui and 'Xiaolin Chronicles'

Christy Hui
Here's a little something recently posted on writer and producer Christy Hui.

On November 18th, Animation Magazine published an article (and short interview) with Christy, the creator and executive producer of the upcoming series 'Xiaolin Chronicles' shown on the Disney XD cable channel.

In the article, Christy discusses this sequel to her show 'Xiaolin Showdown' as well as the future media distribution plans for 'Chronicles'.

For obvious reasons, my favorite quote from the interview is the following:

“New app technologies and gaming opportunities can support a franchise like Xiaolin all over the world. This is a great time for indie producers as we can really take advantage of the possibilities of digital media."

My translation: get out there girls and start working on your own show ideas. You never know where your hard work and creativity can take you!

The entire article can be read online at the Animation Magazine website via this link.

For more information on Christy, visit her bio page on "Xiaolinpedia, the free Xiaolin encyclopedia!"

* image used from Christy Hui's entry in "Xiaolinpedia, the free Xiaolin encyclopedia!"